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A moment to treasure

by Bethany Hammack on 02/14/15

     As a Valentine's Day treat, we had decided to surprise our family with a night made up of five rather than two. It was an evening made for memories. But after the festivities and laughter, the darkness settles in and I can't help but notice all the lives we pass on the road. Windows lit up at night provide small glimpses into other people's lives and the darkness seems to magnify the solidarity of each life.       
     Right now someone is being loved, someone is going hungry, someone is feeling forgotten, a life is becoming lost. There is an immense sadness that fills me even as I relish the love that my family has showered on me. The sadness is this - what I glimpse is just a grain on the shores of what our heavenly Father sees. And yet we continue on, oblivious, that much more lost, that much more consumed by these fleeting moments.
     If I could just stop in this moment and consider the greatest Valentine's Day gift...not chocolate or flowers, not a well worded card or dinner out....could not Jesus' death answer this question? "For God so loved the world"...we know the rest, right? "That He gave His one and only Son"...What greater display of love could be given or received?
     So as I get closer to home surrounded by the love of my family, I will consider and treasure the best realization I could ever have..."that whoever believes in Him should not perish".*
     So, from God to you and me, Happy Valentine's Day!

*To read the full scripture go to John 3:16

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